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The generosity of our donors provides our Eagles with the resources they need to be successful on the playing field, in the classroom, and in the local community. We celebrate their contributions all throughout the year at special BC Athletics events.

“BC athletics has provided me with extraordinary opportunity to not only grow through athletics but academically and socially as well. Everything I have done in the past two years has been influenced by the incredible support both my coaches and teammates provide on a daily basis. Not only has BC granted me the opportunity to perform in the best league in the country while attending a first class university, I have been able to do so while forming life long relationships with teammates that has really made these years exceptional.”

—Derek Austin ’21, Tennis


Donors making a commitment to an endowed athletics scholarship have the opportunity to name the fund according to their wishes. This can be in honor or memory of a loved one or to establish a family legacy. There is also the opportunity to personalize your fund to match your interests—perhaps to a specific sport or for a student-athlete enrolled in a particular school.



Each year Boston College funds 272 full athletic scholarships through a combination of the endowment and Flynn Fund annual support. The greater we can grow the scholarship endowment, the greater the opportunity to utilize Flynn Fund dollars for strategic initiatives and improve the overall financial stability of the athletics department.


Your endowed fund lives in perpetuity at BC and provides support to a student-athlete. You will have the opportunity to meet the recipient of your fund each year at our annual gathering and watch them as they grow as a student and athlete at BC.


A named financial aid fund may also be established with a commitment of $100,000. These funds are not able to be restricted to a specific sport nor assigned to a specific student-athlete. Instead, it adds much needed funds to the general athletics endowment in support of scholarships.


Funds to help alleviate operating expenses may be established with a commitment of $100,000 or more and can be designated toward any of BC’s 31 varsity sports. For example, a soccer operating endowment could enhance the program annually by funding a special project such as updated film analytics software.


Each fall at the annual Scholarship Dinner, the student-athlete beneficiaries of endowed scholarships have the opportunity to connect with the donors that made their experience possible. In addition, the scholarship donor receives a full report on the student-athlete their gift has supported each year.


Flynn Fund Leadership Giving
Peter and Kathleen Chase
Mike and Geraldine Flynn
Rob and Heather Morrissey
Peter and Ann McAvinn
Tom and Julia Powers
Mike and Suzanne Marinaro
John and Linda Tavlarios
Todd and Stacey Cataldo
Joe and Chris Popolo
John and Lisa McNamara
Mike and Janet Rogers
Chris and Mary Elleen Patton
Steve and Carina Walker
Bill and Lee Anne Fry
Dave Mullare
Bob and Alyce Morrissey
Paul Breen and Nancy Felton
Bob and Linda Duran
Jonathan and Louisa Moneypenny
Karl Block
Sunil and Marisa Chadda
Pat and Andrea Poljan
Laurence and Ann Denihan
Joe and Sandy Walker
Abe and Angela Riera
Len and Geri DeLuca
Kevin and Sue McGinty
Rich and Celia Canning
Scott and Jayne Schroeder
Andy and Annemarie Thompson
Kevin and Mary Ferguson
Ed and Meghan Quinn
Paul and Janet O'Connor
Tom and Elisa Wilson
Jim McDermott and Sharon Bazarian
John and Eddy Taylor
Matt and Rebecca Carroll
Jim and Marilyn Herschlein
Robby and Brooke Lochrie
Frank and Carol Porcelli
Chris and Laura Twomey
Rob and Joan Tiburzi
Tom and Kathy Sullivan
Jim and Leslie Craige
Phil Schiller and Kim Gassett-Schiller
Steve and Chris McManama
John and Sharon Casey
Keith Longson and Kathy O'Brien Longson
David and Rupal Poltack
William and Megan Field
Bob LaRocca
Ed and Jen Murphy
Joe and Stephanie Scordino
Pat and Amy Carney
Michael and Nichola Stayer-Suprick
James and Debbie Welch
Ted Bernhardt and Peg O'Brien Bernhardt
Steve and Maria Schreder
Jay and Carolyn Carroll
Doug Wetmore and Catherine Delesky
Bryan and Andrea Belton
Ed and Jane Fay
Bob and Laura Petit
Charlie and Marisa Cameron
Keith and Katy Pagnani
Greg and Katie Everett
Chris and Meredith Shachoy
Steven and Dodie Gorham
Ken and Kathy Marshall
Ken and Deborah Hamberg
Mike Crimmins and Leslie Kelly
Dave Kiley and Denise Larkin Kiley
Nick and Barbara Gendron
Steve Farrell
Jim and Kathleen Norton
Jim and Heather Magliozzi
Paul Criscione
Barry and Catherine Nearhos
Mark and Jeri Tarini
Marilyn Coghlin
Sam and Lisa Molinaro
Bob Pash and Susan LaMonica
Dawn Farrell
Arthur Daniels
Christopher and Alaina Barletta
Tim and Jana Leary
Dave and Debby Kanner
Scott and Carolyn Lemone
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Mark and Clare Mulcahy
John and Jeri Cerullo
Mr. and Mrs. Zankel
John and Kathleen Drew
Ken and Trish Walker
Darlene Martin
Marc and Mary Lou Seidner
Peter and Suzanne Caparso
Tim and Kathryn Martin
Michelle Parekh
John and Nancy Burke
Peter and Ellen Pavlakis
Bruce and Ellen Richardson
Steven and Gina Murray
Doug and Paula Raetz
Hank and Molly Pellegrini
Jonathan and Patti Kraft
Mike and Jennifer Keough
Rick Westerman
Richard and Maureen Graff
Todd and Stacey Cataldo
Al and Peggy Kelly
Rob and Jenny Jasminski
Jim and Kathleen Higgins
Bill and Maddy Flynn
Rob and Karen Hale
Steve and Tammy Barry
Chad and Virginia Soares
Kevin and Regina Sullivan
JK and Maggie Trimble
Mark and Carol Fachetti
Abe and Kristen Appert
Matt and Judi Taylor
John and Cathy Savage
John and Eileen Fox
John and Linda Tavlarios
Warren and Kristin Cross
Scott and Erin Dickes
Lou and Shannon Bottari
John and Jack Butler
Greg and Jackie Mitsch
Armins and Cynthia Rusis
Pat and Debra Conroy
Patrick and Christina Dunican
Richard and Beth Costello