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Endowments provide a way for Boston College Athletics to ensure long-term success of the department by making sure there will be sufficient income to support our student-athletes long into the future. These funds are invested in the University's endowment and a percentage of the return on that investment goes to support the designation of the donors choosing.


Types of Endowments

Endowed Athletics Scholarships

Each year Boston College funds 272 full athletic scholarships through a combination of the endowment and Flynn Fund annual support. The greater we can grow the scholarship endowment, the greater the opportunity to utilize Flynn Fund dollars for strategic initiatives and improve the overall financial stability of the athletics department.

Endowed funds can be established with a gift of $250,000, payable up to a 5 year period.
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  • Donors making a commitment to an endowed athletics scholarship have the opportunity to name the fund according to their wishes - this can be in honor or memory of a loved one or to establish a family legacy.

  • There is also the opportunity to personalize your fund to match your interests; perhaps to a specific sport or for a student-athlete enrolled in a particular school.

  • Endowed funds established at the $1M level provide the opportunity to restrict, in perpetuity a specific position on a team. For instance one may choose to support the starting running back on the football team.
  • Your endowed fund lives in perpetuity at BC and provides support to a student-athlete. You will have the opportunity to meet the recipient of your fund each year at our annual gathering and watch them as they grow as a student and athlete at BC.
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  • You will also receive periodic updates on the performance of your fund, its history and detailed biographical information on your recipient from the Athletic Director.

Athletics Financial Aid Endowments

A named financial aid fund may also be established with a commitment of $100,000. The difference is that you would not be able to restrict the fund to a specific sport and the fund would not be assigned to a specific student-athlete. Instead, it would be a part of the general athletics endowment in support of scholarships.

The Abboud Family Financial Aid Fund
The Mark and Maureen Adams Endowment
The Ruth and Stephen Barrett Family Financial Aid Fund
The Kristin Clough'87 Canty and James Canty Financial Aid Fund
The Carey Family Athletics Scholarship Fund
The Stephen Casey '52 Financial Aid Fund
The Concannon Family Athletics Financial Aid Fund
The James Didden and Dawn Marmo-Didden Financial Aid
The Galvin Family Financial Aid Fund
The Stephen '81 and Carla Hatfield, P '09 Family Financial Aid Fund
The Hentemann Family Athletics Financial Aid Fund
The Herschlein Family Financial Aid Fund
The Thomas J. Hynes Jr. '61 Financial Aid
The Lupica Family Athletics Financial Aid Fund
The Geraldine M. Lyon Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Masella Family Financial Aid Fund
The McKevitt Family Financial Aid Fund
The Nallen Family Athletic Financial Aid Fund
The Kenneth Naumes'79 Athletics Financial Aid Fund
George '78 and Sharyn Neble Financial Aid Fund
The Kevin J. O'Brien Family Financial Aid Fund
The Raia Family Financial Aid Fund
Rothwell Family Financial Aid Fund
The Sama Family Athletic Financial Aid Fund
The Shalvoy Family Financial Aid Fund
The Wasik Stonehouse Family Student-Athlete Fund
The George '82 and Tammy Sullivan Financial Aid Fund
The Treacy Family Financial Aid Fund
The Valentino Family Scholarship
The Vincent Family Financial Aid Fund
The Wyard Family Athletics Financial Aid

Operating Endowments

Funds in support of operating expenses may be established with a commitment of $100,000 or more and can be designated for operating expenses associated with any of our 31 varsity sports. For instance a basketball operating fund could enhance the annual support of this program funding a special project such as updated film analytics software.

The Maria E. and Drake G. Behrakis '86 Fund for Athletics
The Devlin S-AFE Program for Leadership Development
The Edward P. Donahue '72 Men's Ice Hockey Fund
The Marc E. Colombo Football Endowment Fund
The Tom and Stephanie Greene Men's Tennis Fund
The Joan and Thomas Greulick-Byron Athletic Scholarship Fund
The Griffin Fund (Athletic Chaplain)
Hayes Family Fund Nutrition
A Fund in Support of Recreation, Club, and Intramural Sports
The Holland Family Hockey Fund
The Kealy Family Rugby Endowment
The Margot Murray Leary '82 Fund for Sailing
The Christopher Markey Tennis Fund
The Mullenholz Family Fund for Sailing
The Pennick and Duque Fund for Women's Basketball and Softball
The Maher Family Ski Team Endowment Fund
The Rhein Family Athletics Fund
The Scobbo Family Student-Athlete Learning Resources Fund
The Inez MacKinnon Simeone '61 Memorial Fund
Smith Family Student-Athlete Life Skills Endowment
The Charles P. '66 and Elizabeth Kelly '67 Smith and Family Fund in Memory of Carolyn Lombardi
The Teborek Family Fund for Sailing
The Corey C. Griffin Fund for Women's Lacrosse
The Hart Family Fund for Club and Intramural Sports
The Lennox Family Ski Team Fund
The Charles F. Sampson Memorial Fund

Scholarship Recipients

Each Fall, the student-athlete beneficiaries of endowed scholarships have the opportunity to connect with the donors that made their experience possible at the Annual Scholarship Luncheon. In addition, the scholarship donor receives a full report on their awarded student-athlete each year.

Endowed Funds Established to Benefit Boston College Athletics

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