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Endowments provide a way for Boston College Athletics to ensure long-term success of the department by making sure there will be sufficient income to support our student-athletes long into the future. These funds are invested in the University's endowment and a percentage of the return on that investment goes to support the designation of the donors choosing.


Types of Endowments

Endowed Athletics Scholarships

Each year Boston College funds 272 full athletic scholarships through a combination of the endowment and Flynn Fund annual support. The greater we can grow the scholarship endowment, the greater the opportunity to utilize Flynn Fund dollars for strategic initiatives and improve the overall financial stability of the athletics department.

Endowed funds can be established with a gift of $250,000, payable up to a 5 year period.
Click Here to view the scholarship funds and their recipients.

  • Donors making a commitment to an endowed athletics scholarship have the opportunity to name the fund according to their wishes - this can be in honor or memory of a loved one or to establish a family legacy.

  • There is also the opportunity to personalize your fund to match your interests; perhaps to a specific sport or for a student-athlete enrolled in a particular school.

  • Endowed funds established at the $1M level provide the opportunity to restrict, in perpetuity a specific position on a team. For instance one may choose to support the starting running back on the football team.
  • Your endowed fund lives in perpetuity at BC and provides support to a student-athlete. You will have the opportunity to meet the recipient of your fund each year at our annual gathering and watch them as they grow as a student and athlete at BC.
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  • You will also receive periodic updates on the performance of your fund, its history and detailed biographical information on your recipient from the Athletic Director.

Athletics Financial Aid Endowments

A named financial aid fund may also be established with a commitment of $100,000. The difference is that you would not be able to restrict the fund to a specific sport and the fund would not be assigned to a specific student-athlete. Instead, it would be a part of the general athletics endowment in support of scholarships.

The Abboud Family Financial Aid Fund
The Ruth and Stephen Barrett Family Financial Aid Fund
The Kristin Clough'87 Canty and James Canty Financial Aid Fund
The Stephen Casey '52 Financial Aid Fund
The Concannon Family Athletics Financial Aid Fund
The Galvin Family Financial Aid Fund
The Stephen '81 and Carla Hatfield, P '09 Family Financial Aid Fund
The Hentemann Family Athletics Financial Aid Fund
The Herschlein Family Financial Aid Fund
The Thomas J. Hynes Jr. '61 Financial Aid
The Lupica Family Athletics Financial Aid Fund
The McKevitt Family Financial Aid Fund
The Nallen Family Athletic Financial Aid Fund
The Kenneth Naumes'79 Athletics Financial Aid Fund
The George '78 and Sharyn Neble Financial Aid Fund
The Kevin J. O'Brien Family Financial Aid Fund
The Raia Family Financial Aid Fund
The Rothwell Family Financial Aid Fund
The Shalvoy Family Financial Aid Fund
The George '82 and Tammy Sullivan Financial Aid Fund
The Treacy Family Financial Aid Fund
The Vincent Family Financial Aid Fund
The Mark and Maureen Adams Endowment
The Kenneth M. and Angeli Alino Breen Financial Aid Fund
The Jill and Aidan Browne Family Financial Aid Fund
The James Didden and Dawn Marmo-Didden Financial Aid
The Masella Family Financial Aid Fund
The Merlesena Family Athletics Financial Aid Fund
The Keith Andrew and Kathryn Doolan Pagnani Athletic Financial Aid Fund
The Saraceno Family Athletics Financial Aid Fund
The Wasik Stonehouse Family Student-Athlete Fund

Operating Endowments

Funds in support of operating expenses may be established with a commitment of $100,000 or more and can be designated for operating expenses associated with any of our 31 varsity sports. For instance a basketball operating fund could enhance the annual support of this program funding a special project such as updated film analytics software.

The Maria E. and Drake G. Behrakis '86 Fund for Athletics
The Devlin S-AFE Program for Leadership Development
The Edward P. Donahue '72 Men's Ice Hockey Fund
The Marc E. Colombo Football Endowment Fund
The Tom and Stephanie Greene Men's Tennis Fund
The Joan and Thomas Greulick-Byron Athletic Scholarship Fund
The Griffin Fund (Athletic Chaplain)
Hayes Family Fund Nutrition
A Fund in Support of Recreation, Club, and Intramural Sports
The Holland Family Hockey Fund
The Kealy Family Rugby Endowment
The Margot Murray Leary '82 Fund for Sailing
The Christopher Markey Tennis Fund
The Mullenholz Family Fund for Sailing
The Pennick and Duque Fund for Women's Basketball and Softball
The Maher Family Ski Team Endowment Fund
The Rhein Family Athletics Fund
The Scobbo Family Student-Athlete Learning Resources Fund
The Inez MacKinnon Simeone '61 Memorial Fund
Smith Family Student-Athlete Life Skills Endowment
The Charles P. '66 and Elizabeth Kelly '67 Smith and Family Fund in Memory of Carolyn Lombardi
The Teborek Family Fund for Sailing
The Corey C. Griffin Fund for Women's Lacrosse
The Hart Family Fund for Club and Intramural Sports
The Lennox Family Ski Team Fund
The Charles F. Sampson Memorial Fund

Scholarship Recipients

Each Fall, the student-athlete beneficiaries of endowed scholarships have the opportunity to connect with the donors that made their experience possible at the Annual Scholarship Luncheon. In addition, the scholarship donor receives a full report on their awarded student-athlete each year.

Endowed Funds Established to Benefit Boston College Athletics

The Abel Family Scholarship Fund Ally Frei 18 Softball
The Joseph T. Alves '44, '48 Scholarship Fund Johanna Celli 18 Track and Field
The Margaret Hanrahan Ambrose Scholarship Fund Jimmy Martin 19 Football
The Barko Family Scholarship Fund Madison Kane 19 Women's Basketball Manager
The Colleen and Michael Barron Hockey Scholarship Michael Karow 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Angelo V. Berlandi Hockey Scholarship Fund Casey Fitzgerald 19 Men's Ice Hockey
The Berry '87 and Mai '91 Family Scholarship Fund Jake Alu 18 Baseball
The Jack Bicknell, Sr. Scholarship Fund Chris Garrison 19 Football
The Ruth Redmond Bloom Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Ashbrook Gwinn 18 Track and Field
The Robert S. Boova ' 73 Family Scholarship Fund Lukas Denis 19 Football
The Botica Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for Women's Athletics Katie Kim 19 Women's Golf
The Bristing Scholarship Fund Jesper Mattila 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Brock Family Scholarship Jasmine Taylor 20 Women's Basketball
The Brown Family Athletic Scholarship Fund Kevin Cohee 18 Football
The Brutten Family Scholarship Chloe Sharabba 18 Softball
The John E. Buehler, Jr. Family Athletic Scholarship Fund John Witkowski 18 Baseball
The Brett and Lisbeth Burns '92 Family Scholarship Fund Michael Campoli 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Callahan Family Scholarship Emma Shurr 18 Women's Lacrosse
The CampoBasso Family Athletics Scholarship Luke McInnis 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Cecilia B. and Richard J. Canning Athletic Scholarship Fund Zach Allen 19 Football
The Cannon Family Football Scholarship Fund Elijah Johnson 20 Football
The Carney Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Nikola Popovic 20 Men's Basketball
The Carr Family Scholarship Fund Megan Lydon 18 Rowing
The Wallace E. Carroll, Jr.'66 Athletic Scholarship Fund McKenna Goss 19 Women's Volleyball
The Joseph S. Carter, Jr. '80 and Family Athletic Scholarship Fund Adam Korutz 20 Football
The Carter Family Scholarship Fund Trevor Davock 19 Men's Soccer
The Theresa Falzone Catapano '79 Memorial Scholarship Fund Joseph Vitiello 18 Football
The Cerullo Family Scholarship Fund Jules Trevino 20 Softball
The Chambers Family Scholarship for Football William Harris 18 Football
The Cleary Family Scholarship Fund Lauren Berman 18 Women's Soccer
The Maureen and Edward F. Coakley '57 Golf Scholarship Fund Christian Cavaliere 20 Men's Golf
The Maureen and Edward F. Coakley '57 Hockey Scholarship Fund Connor Moore 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Francis and Joyce Colangelo Scholarship Fund Amanda Bakke 18 Rowing
The Patrick Coleman Family Athletics Scholarship Grant Carlson 20 Football
The Armond Colombo Endowed Football Scholarship Fund Aaron Monteiro 19 Football
The Condon-McSoley Family Scholarship Fund Heidar Aegisson 21 Men's Soccer
The John J. Connor '44 Continuing Education Fund Marcell Lazard Graduate Student Football
The Connors Family Golf Scholarship Matt Naumec 19 Men's Golf
The Thomas P. Connor '43 Memorial Scholarship Fund Pete Ciarrochi 19 Football Manager
The Corrado and Potapchuk Family Scholarship Fund Harold Landry 18 Football
The Thomas and Bridie Costello Scholarship Fund Shane Leonard 20 Football
The Cote Family Football Scholarship Fund Sam Schmal 18 Football
The Cote Family Football Scholarship Fund II Chris Lindstrom 18 Football
The Cowhig Family Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund Molly McCabe 18 Track and Field
The David J. Coyle Family Scholarship Fund Jacqueline McDonnell 18 Rowing
The Creamer Murray Leary Scholarship Fund Sol Calvete 18 Women's Volleyball
The David F. '58 and Patricia E. Cronin Scholarship Fund Brooke Troy 19 Women's Lacrosse
The Paul G. Crotty '33 Memorial Scholarship Fund Julia Barron 20 Track and Field
The Robert W. Crowley '50 Golf Scholarship Fund Brendan Ridge 20 Men's Golf
The John P. Cunniff '66 Memorial Hockey Scholarship Fund Aapeli Rasanen 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Joan P. and William J. Cunningham, Jr. '57 Scholarship Wyatt Ray 19 Football
The William J. Cunningham III Memorial Golf Scholarship Fund Patrick Hallisey 18 Men's Golf
The Brad and Tracy Curley Scholarship Fund Troy Flutie 18 Football
The Michael J. Curran '31 Endowed Scholarship Fund Alesandra Miller 18 Field Hockey
The Curtis Family Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Miller 19 Women's Lacrosse
The D'Agostine Family Athletic Scholarship Fund I Chris Grando 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The D'Agostine Family Athletic Scholarship Fund II Scott Braren 18 Baseball
The Dailey Family Scholarship Fund Jessica Dreswick 19 Softball
The Paul Patrick Daley, Esquire '63 Student-Athlete Scholarship Fund Zach Walker 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The DeFilippo Family Scholarship for Women's Athletics Isabelle Kennedy 18 Track and Field
The Deloitte and Touche Scholarship Fund Madison Kenny 18 Women's Soccer
The Devlin Family Athletic Scholarship Lexi DiEmmanuele 19 Softball
The Donovan Family Scholarship Fund Jordan Chimento 18 Softball
The Donna and Frank Doyle Scholarship Fund Sam Apuzzo 19 Women's Lacrosse
The Driscoll Family Hockey Scholarship Fund Graham McPhee 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Driscoll Family Hockey Scholarship Fund Serena Sommerfield 19 Women's Ice Hockey
The Reverend Maurice V. Dullea, S.J. '17 Scholarship Fund Jillian Reilly 20 Women's Lacrosse
The Kevin J. '75 and Suzanne P. '74 Dwyer Scholarship Fund Lauren Daly 19 Women's Lacrosse
The Fee Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Noa Merrit 18 Football
The Fish Cornerstone Scholarship Fund Ray Smith 19 Football
The William J. Flynn '39 Memorial Scholarship for Baseball Brian Rapp 18 Baseball
The James P. '51, GA&S '53, and Edwina Burns Foley Fund Alexis Bryant 18 Women's Soccer
The Ellen Marie Frost Memorial Scholarship Fund Carly Bell 18 Women's Lacrosse
The Paul Fulchino Scholarship Fund Jake Tortora 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Gaffney Family Football Scholarship Fund Ben Glines 19 Football
The Gailius Family Scholarship Fund Brian Dempsey 20 Baseball
The Edward M. Gallagher, Jr. Scholarship Fund Frederique Haverhals 19 Field Hockey
The Barry Gallup '69 Athletics Scholarship Fund Max Richardson 20 Football
The Joan S. and Thomas J. Giblin '50 Athletic Scholarship Fund Korab Idrizi 20 Football
The William P. Gilligan '40, M.A.'41 Track Scholarship Fund Jessica Martin 19 Track and Field
The Susan and Mark Godvin Men's Hockey Fund Casey Carreau 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Arthur M. Goldberg Memorial Scholarship Fund Caroline Ross 19 Women's Ice Hockey
The Peter Russell Gray '89 Memorial Football Scholarship Fund Gabe McClary 18 Football
The Gridiron Club Football Scholarship Curt Bletzer 20 Football
The William J. Hajjar '49 Scholarship Fund Jeff Smith 19 Football
The Hanna Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Andrea Anastos 17 Women's Basketball
The Hanson Family Athletics Scholarship Jon Hilliman 18 Football
The John L. Harrington Scholar Athlete Fund Dante Baldelli 20 Baseball
The Hayes Family Scholarship Fund John Phillips 19 Football
The Anne and Gerald B. Healy Scholarship for Academic Excellence Jon Baker 18 Football
The Heffernan Family Men's Hockey Fund Joseph Dudek 19 Men's Ice Hockey
The Heffes Family Men's Hockey Scholarship David Cotton 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Daniel '79 and Elizabeth '80 Hennessy Endowed Scholarship Fund Lucy Lytle 19 Field Hockey
The Hennessy Family Scholarship Fund Tess Chandler Graduate Student Women's Lacrosse
The Herendeen Family Scholarship Fund Len Zeugner 18 Men's Soccer
The Jay and Michaela Murphy '86 Hoag Scholarship for Men's Basketball Ky Bowman 20 Men's Basketball
The Joseph P. '88 and Donna L. Hoffman Scholarship In Memory of Joseph S. Hoffman Michael Karow 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The William Hogan, Jr. '33 Athletic Scholarship Fund Connor Moore 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Coach Mike Holovak Endowment Fund Brendan McGovern Graduate Student Football
The Ronald W. Hovsepian Family Scholarship Fund Tara Schurr 18 Women's Lacrosse
The Howe Family Scholarship Fund Kaileen Hart 19 Women's Lacrosse
The Marie and Jay W. Hughes '52 Endowed Women's Athletic Scholarship Danielle Thomas 19 Softball
The Hughes Family Scholarship Fund Jack Bacon 20 Men's Soccer
The Hughes Family Athletics Fund EJ Perry 20 Football
The Jones Family Scholarship Fund Jessica Ferrante 18 Rowing
The William B. and Mary H. Joyce Memorial Scholarship Fund Luka Kraljevic Graduate Student Men's Basketball
The Joseph J. Kelleher '31 Memorial Scholarship Fund Joshua Forbes 19 Men's Soccer
The John A. Kelley Athletic Scholarship Fund Casey Carreau 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Margaret P. and Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. Family Scholarship Camille Oemcke 19 Women's Volleyball
The William J. Kelty Family Scholarship Fund Georgia Pineau 20 Women's Basketball
The Kenney Family Scholarship Fund Makenna Newkirk 18 Women's Ice Hockey
The Kilcullen Family Basketball Scholarship Johncarlos Reyes 19 Men's Basketball
The King Family Athletics Scholarship Michela Karrash 18 Rowing
The King Family Football Scholarship Fund Anthony Brown 20 Football
The Knight Family Scholarship Anthony Palazzolo 19 Football
The Kopfler Family Baseball Scholarship Jake Stevens 19 Baseball
The Charles R. '56 and Judith Laverty Scholarship Fund Thadd Smith 18 Football
The Leahy Family Scholarship Fund Zach Walker 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Leber Family Football Scholarship Austin Stevens 18 Football
The Robert J. LeBlanc Scholarship Fund Jake Burt 19 Football
The Lemay Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Rachel Gartner 18 Women's Basketball
The BC Linebacker Scholarship Fund John Lamot 20 Football
The Griffith Loeber Family Women's Athletics Scholarship Allyson Swaby 18 Women's Soccer
The Lombardi Family Scholarship Fund Kenzie Kent 18 Women's Ice Hockey/Women's Lacrosse
The Daniel E. Lyons Athletic Scholarship Fund Simon Enstrom 18 Men's Soccer
The Daniel E. Lyons Athletic Scholarship Fund Anne Marie Murphy 18 Softball
The Lytle Family Basketball Scholarship Fund Mike Sagay 20 Men's Basketball
The Hugh and Doris MacIsaac Family Scholarship Fund Asiya Dair 18 Tennis
The Sidney M. MacNeil, S.J. Hockey Scholarship Fund Casey Fitzgerald 19 Men's Ice Hockey
The Paul J. Maguire '42 Memorial Scholarship Fund Charlie VanKula 18 Men's Ice Hockey
The Marshall Family Scholarship Fund Emma Guy 20 Women's Basketball
The Martignetti Family Scholarship Fund Sean Ragan 20 Football
The Martin Family Hockey Scholarship Fund Casey Fitzgerald 19 Men's Ice Hockey
The Joanne S. and Edward L. Marut Scholarship Fund Monica Heil 20 Track and Field
The Philip J. McArdle '27, M.A. '28 Scholarship Fund Mehdi El Attrach 18 Football
The Reverend Paul F. McCarrick '52 Scholarship Fund Meaghan McDonald 19 Rowing
The McCourt Family Football Place Kicker Scholarship Fund Colton Lichtenberg 19 Football
The Thomas McElroy Memorial Scholarship Fund Mohamed Moro 18 Men's Soccer
The Jay McGillis '93 Memorial Scholarship Fund Isaac Yiadom 18 Football
The Gerald McGovern '72 and Family Women's Track Scholarship Laura Leff 18 Track and Field
The William S. McKiernan '78 Family Scholarship for Men's Basketball Jerome Robinson 19 Men's Basketball
The Bill and Kate McLaughlin Women's Athletics Scholarship Fund Carly Severini 19 Softball
The Richard W. '52 and Marilyn S. McLaughlin Scholarship Fund Brooke Matherson 18 Field Hockey
The Barbara F. McManama Scholarship Fund for Women's Basketball Stephanie Jones 19 Women's Basketball
The Marianne T. and Kevin P. Meenan Family Scholarship Fund Ray Marten 20 Football
The Mellin Family Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Dennehy 19 Field Hockey
The Arthur G. and Isabel M. Melville Memorial Scholarship Sheila Rietano 20 Women's Lacrosse
The Stephen V. Miller Scholarship Fund Nikita Bondar 21 Men's Soccer
The Mingolelli Family Scholarship Fund Kevin Bletzer 18 Football
The Mita Family Scholarship Fund Natalie Canulli 19 Women's Volleyball
The Molinaro Family Endowed Athletics Scholarship Tom Sweeney 18 Football
The Montminy Family Scholarship Fund Paige Duca 19 Track and Field
The Moores Family Scholarship Fund Mike Walker 19 Football
The Morrissey Brothers Memorial Hockey Fund Jesper Mattila 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Richard L. Mucci '72 and Family Scholarship Fund Martina Mosetti 18 Women's Basketball
The James G. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund Taylor Ortlepp 20 Women's Basketball
Katelyn Reynolds 18 Women's Golf
Taylor Walker 19 Women's Lacrosse​
The Walter F. Murphy, Jr. '67 Memorial Scholarship Fund Hannah Winner Graduate Student Women's Soccer
The Nemia Family Scholarship Fund Ryan Edquist 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The William F. Newell, Jr. '52 Scholarship Fund Ymke Rose Gote 19 Field Hockey
The Salvatore and Angelina Nicoletta Athletic Scholarship Fund Taj-Amir Torres 18 Football
The Peter S. Nictakis Baseball Scholarship Fund Joe Walsh 20 Baseball
The George J. Norberg '39 Memorial Scholarship Fund Chris Grando 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Nugent Family Football Scholarship Fund Brandon Barlow 20 Football
The Edward J. O'Brien, Jr., M.D. '63 Family Men's Ice Hockey Scholarship Logan Hutsko 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Edward J. O'Brien, Jr. M.D. '63 Family Football Scholarship Richard Wilson 18 Football
The Kevin J. O'Brien Family Financial Aid Fund Kaitlyn Fink 19 Field Hockey
The John F. O'Hagan Memorial Football Scholarship Mike Palmer 20 Football
The Adam M. Osborne Scholarship Fund Grace Bizal 19 Women's Ice Hockey
The Edward C. Pellagrini Scholarship Fund Jack Cunningham 19 Baseball
The Manuel F. Perdigao '56 Scholarship Fund Kaitlin Burt 18 Women's Ice Hockey
The Petrillo Family Scholarship Davon Jones 18 Football
The Pike's Peak Hockey Scholarship Fund Zach Walker 21 Men's Ice Hockey
The Pollock Family Scholarship for Women's Athletics Ryan Little 19 Women's Ice Hockey
The Richard F. Powers, Jr. '40 Quarterback Scholarship Fund Darius Wade 18 Football
The Michael F. Price Endowed Athletic Fund Christian McStravick 20 Football
The Quick Family Scholarship Fund Kobay White 20 Football
The Joseph Ramos, M.D. '77 Football Scholarship Fund Kam Moore 19 Football
The Ramsey Family Athletic Scholarship Fund Gabriella Carreiro 19 Women's Soccer
The Rendino Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Wyatt Knopfe 20 Football
The E. Paul Robsham, Jr. Goalie Scholarship Fund in Men's Hockey Joseph Woll 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Roe Family Scholarship Fund Chelcie Mendonca 18 Field Hockey
The Hoop Club Scholarship Chris Kinney 18 Men's Basketball Manager
The James Ryan Family Hockey Scholarship Fund Connor Moore 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Robert R. Santangelo Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Tanner Karafa 18 Football
The Orrie T. Scarminach '71 Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund Charlie Callinan Graduate Student Football
The Schiller Family Men's Ice Hockey Scholarship Fund Julius Mattila 20 Men's Ice Hockey
The Anne F. Schoen Memorial Scholarship Fund Alyssa Olenick 18 Field Hockey
The Reverend Joseph L. Shea, S.J. '40, M.A.'46, LL.D.'64(Hon) Scholarship Fund Elijah Robinson 19 Football
The Peggy Simons Memorial Scholarship Fund Erin Connolly 19 Women's Ice Hockey
The Skeffington Family Scholarship Fund Tomas Gudmundsson Graduate Student Men's Soccer
The Timothy S. Smith Memorial Athletics Scholarship Fund Mike Knoll 18 Football
The Smith Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Katie Quandt 18 Women's Basketball
The Snee Family Football Scholarship Fund Alec Lindstrom 20 Football
The Mary M. and William H. Sullivan, Jr. '37 Scholarship Fund Bryce Morais 20 Football
The Robert F. and Elaine A. Sullivan Scholarship Fund Dempsey Arsenault 19 Women's Lacrosse
The Tomecek/Tracy Scholarship Fund Mitchell Bigras 18 Baseball
The James '60 and Joan Tonra Athletic Scholarship Nolan Borgersen 19 Football
The Richard L. Trum '37 Endowed Scholarship Annuity Fund Hamp Cheevers 20 Football
The Jim Unis Athletics Scholarship Harold Allen Dawson 18 Football
The Valentino Family Scholarship Travis Levy 20 Football
The Wade Family Scholarship Fund Ervins Meznieks 19 Men's Basketball
The John F. Walsh '65 Family Football Scholarship Fund Ty Schwab 18 Football
The David W. Wang '88 Scholarship in Memory of Barbara C. Hwang Carly Kauffman 19 Field Hockey
The Gerry Ward Family Scholarship Steffon Mitchell 19 Men's Basketball
The Westerman Family Flynn Fund Scholarship Elysa Virella 19 Women's Soccer
The Winn Family Athletics Scholarship Fund Kendra Friedt 19 Softball
The Mr. and Mrs. John Wisniewski '50 Scholarship Fund Ryan Conte 18 Football
The Women's Ice Hockey Athletics Scholarship Fund Caitrin Lonergan 20 Women's Ice Hockey
The Thomas A. Yawkey Scholarship Fund      
The Yost Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for Athletics Meredith Thompson 18 Women's Soccer

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