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    Zeiko Lewis '17, Men's Soccer

    Major: Business

    " 'Ever to Excel' means never being content with 'good enough'
    and always striving to reach the next level. 'Ever to Excel' is
    how I know that every one of my teammates is fully committed
    to the same goal: winning a championship."



Meet the Men & Women benefiting from the philanthropy of donors like you!

Flynn Fund Donors Help BC Baseball Soar

In 2016, the Boston College baseball team made a run deep into the NCAA Tournament, advancing to the Super Regionals as one of the top programs in the country.

What brought the Eagles success was not solely the pitching of first-round draft pick Justin Dunn or the performance of Jacob Stevens, who was named a Freshman All-American. It was the sum of individual efforts and a commitment to the team—and the impact of donors like you.

After starting 8-0—the best start in BC history—our Eagles went on to win a program-best six conference series, including those against NCAA Tournament site hosts No. 2 Louisville, NC State, and Virginia.

“It wasn’t an overnight success, but rather a product of building the program over the years—and forming a brotherhood built on the values of character, toughness, and class,” shared Coach Mike Gambino.

Donors like you also played a significant role. Flynn Fund gifts allowed the team to invest in elements that improved performance and ultimately led to more wins. BC Baseball traveled south during the harsh New England winter so the Eagles could prepare to take on top teams during ACC competition. And when the Eagles made the postseason for the first time in seven years, the team was able to charter flights to Oxford, Miss., and Miami, Fla. In this way, Flynn Fund donors ensured that the team wouldn’t lose precious practice time preparing for the NCAA Tournament.

Your impact can be felt off the field as well. BC Baseball makes a difference in the community by supporting initiatives like the Wounded Warrior Project and ALS research, a cause led by alumnus and former captain Pete Frates ’07.

BC Baseball is just one of many success stories that your unrestricted gifts make possible—for our 31 sports and over 700 student-athletes. Thank you.

My journey has taken me from the Philippines to the Heights. It's one I never thought I would make. And it's certainly one I couldn't have made without donors like you.

I began playing golf in my home country at an early age. I loved the feeling of freedom it gave me to be out on the course. It cultivated a sense of peace. But also a sense of confidence. I knew I wanted to pursue my passion in the United States. I wanted to compete with the best-both athletically and academically. That's why I was so unbelievably grateful to receive an athletic scholarship to Boston College. But of course it hasn't been easy. Adjusting to life in the U.S. and to BC's rigorous academics has been a challenge. There were days when I missed my home and days when I didn't know if I was good enough.

Yet I've come to view these obstacles as a source for growth. My coaches, my professors, my teammates, and the entire BC community have always been there for me. Quite simply, BC has become my family. And I've always tried to make them proud. I was fortunate enough to be named ACC golfer of the month after winning the Dartmouth Invitational this fall. More importantly, our team placed first in three of our four fall tournaments-an unprecedented accomplishment for BC Women's Golf.

I'm proud to represent BC in the wider community too. I volunteer with the Girls Independent Golf League-helping young girls improve their skills and their sense of self-worth at the same time. It fills me with a sense of pride and gratitude.

I wish to share some of that gratitude with you today. I know I wouldn't be at BC without Flynn Fund donors like you. A scholarship can change a life. It certainly changed mine-and for that I'm forever grateful.

Thank you!

Lois Kaye Go '20 Women's Golf

Without a doubt, Boston College has long been one of the more influential forces in my life.

It was here at the Heights that I learned what it means to be a true team player, to make sacrifices for the things you believe in, and to support a mission that is greater than yourself.

Since childhood I have attended countless BC football games with my family, which fostered my desire to become an Eagle. Receiving my letter of intent was a dream come true because I never could have afforded to come here on my own. My scholarship was truly a blessing. This assistance has enabled me to grow as a student, an athlete, a friend, and a well-rounded person ready to face any challenges that come my way.

When I am not running plays on the field as a linebacker, I am studying marketing in the Carroll School of Management. Juggling the responsibilities of being a student-athlete has taught me how to deal with obstacles, both in the classroom and on the turf. A great source of encouragement is knowing that my teammates are rising to the same challenges and that we can lean on each other for support.

One of my most rewarding experiences this year has been training twice a week with a team of fellow student-athletes and an inspirational group of Wounded Warriors through a pilot program organized by BC Athletics. I feel a special sense of comradery with these men and women because I will enter the United States Army Special Forces after graduation. I identify with the Green Berets because of their mission to assist oppressed peoples around the world. My upcoming journey will be mentally and physically demanding, but I know I'm ready.

Formed by the values instilled in me at the Heights, I am motivated to make the world a better place. Thank you for changing my life. Without you, none of this would have been possible.


Tim Joy '16 Football

When I signed my Division I letter of intent during my senior year of high school, I felt extreme pride. It was as if all my accomplishments were represented in that letter.

Now I'm honored to be both a member of the women's soccer team and part of BC's amazingly talented student body. I'm here on a full athletic scholarship thanks to generous donors like you.

I started playing team sports at the age of four, and soccer was always my favorite. I love it because it teaches you to work with other people, a skill that you can use every day.

As center back, I'm the last line of defense. I must be able to communicate with—and receive information from—everyone else on the team to do my job effectively. Coach Foley empowers us, concerned with developing us not just as players, but also as people. Coach emphasizes that all team members are leaders and encourages the quiet ones to speak up. She led us to yet another NCAA tournament appearance—the 18th time the women's soccer program has received a tournament berth. It made me so proud to be part of Eagle history.

Your donations to the Flynn Fund this fiscal year help teamwork and life lessons flourish—for me and all BC student-athletes. You're giving us experiences we'll never forget. I know I speak for other Eagles when I say thank you for your gift. You've made a difference.

Coaching Stories

Our coaches are entrusted with the development of our men & women during their years at the Heights. This special group provides a unique perspective on the student-athlete and donor experience. Click the names below to learn more.

I’d like to thank you and every Flynn Fund donor for your impact this past year. You gave our Eagles the edge to compete—day in and day out.

Like all of the coaches at Boston College, I try to recruit student-athletes who are going to push themselves to be their best every single day. Whether they are in the classroom, at a midseason practice, or competing on gameday, they must possess that intrinsic drive to excel. Thanks to you, that competitive spirit is backed by the financial support necessary to challenge the best teams in the country, and be victorious.

In less than two weeks my team will travel to Lancaster, Pa., to face two teams that finished in the top-ten last year. This trip—which would be impossible without donor support like yours—will put us in a great position to qualify for our third-straight NCAA Tournament appearance.

This is just one small example of how your love of BC Athletics positively affects our student-athletes’ experience at the Heights. As a first-year head coach—having spent the previous three as the associate head coach—you provide me the confidence to say BC field hockey will continue to compete for championships for years to come.

Your passion is something I’ll always cherish, and I simply cannot thank you enough!


Kelly Doton
Head Coach BC Field Hockey

People work hard for what they earn and when we look for ways to invest, we seek ways that are experientially, psychologically and/or physiologically rewarding.

Some of us invest in products or companies we trust so we see a return on our investment that provides us with experientially beneficial opportunities. Others invest in charities and causes we believe are making a difference in the world or contribute toward a foundation that is very personal such as the American Cancer Society or Special Olympics or the Pete Frates #3 Fund. Still others invest in health, fitness, recreation and physical conditioning for themselves or others.

In many ways, your investment in Boston College and Boston College Athletics is an investment in all three areas - financial or experiential; psychological and physiological.

We are extremely grateful for the thousands of people who contribute to our program and University.

We have the privilege of seeing the results of those contributions daily as these young prospects come to The Heights naïve, yet bursting with potential, and graduate four years later as champions in scholarship, athleticism, service and leadership.

A gift to Boston College Athletics is an investment in future doctors, teachers, nurses, lawyers, CEOs, coaches, chemists, entrepreneurs and leaders who will acquire a set of skills that allow them to make a difference in the world.

A pledge to Boston College Athletics is an investment in future servers who leave the endeavors they engage better than when discovered.

A commitment to Boston College Athletics is an investment in maximizing student formation in meaningful ways through rigorous intellectual instruction merged with demanding athletic curriculum, encompassed under the umbrella of a Jesuit educational ideology.

And your investment satisfies all three categories! Flynn Fund membership comes with experiential opportunities that range from preferred parking to special events with coaches and students. Giving to Boston College Athletics is psychologically rewarding as an investment in human resources, future leaders and difference-makers. Finally - and obviously - financial commitments to our programs serve as catalysts to students' acquisition of knowledge, skills and experiences through physiological activities that contribute to extraordinary individuals fully prepared to facilitate the values acquired at Boston College in others who then facilitate those values in still others, and others.

Sure, there is a very strong element of fundraising that is financially focused: without your gifts we would not be able to maximize student development in meaningful ways that align with our Jesuit values.

But if you believe in building champions in all aspects of life; if you believe in a model of intercollegiate athletics grounded in intellectual engagement simultaneous to a service commitment and athletic distinction; if you believe in not compromising values or that winning with integrity is important; if you believe in the holistic formation of student leaders who make future endeavors better than discovered, then Boston College Athletics is a noble and worthy investment in our future.

Thank YOU!

There is an old saying—attributed to former President John F. Kennedy—that a "rising tide lifts all boats." I want to thank you, as a current donor to the Boston College Flynn Fund, for being part of the tide that is raising our athletics department.

I'm proud to say that the women's ice hockey team had a record-setting season in 2014–15, posting a 34–3–2 record and reaching the Frozen Four for the fourth time in five years. While we didn't reach our final goal of winning a national title, we did record the most wins in program history and had our first-ever Patty Kazmaier award winner in Alex Carpenter '16. And while that success will draw the attention of many recruits, it is the status of BC as a whole that will help me secure our program's future.

Thanks to the support of donors like you, when I bring a recruit onto campus I can proudly boast about our tradition of academic excellence, the beauty of Kelley Rink and Conte Forum, and the numerous banners and trophies that decorate our hallways.

By supporting the Flynn Fund, you help not only the women's hockey team, but also all 31 of our varsity programs. 

Every Frozen Four we reach, every time the football team qualifies for a bowl game, and every week the women's lacrosse team remains ranked in the top five is a victory for BC Athletics. Your generosity makes all of these accomplishments possible. So on behalf of every coach, student-athlete, and administrator at Boston College: 

Thank you, and GO EAGLES!

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